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Kalli Everhart

Heck ya....super duper stoked about all the newness!! Love this site, love all my new found friends on here, love all the LOVE!!!


Thank you for all this new changes! :D It's really cool :D
And thank you for taking care of this site, Q!
Love you!


awesome ideas! The site is really amazing and the site grows more and more. Love to share my thoughts and I´m glad that I can inspire so many people here. Thanks for everything you are doing here Q!


Welcome Q!

Liking the new ideas you've got going on for PTL :D

Hope your stay here as webmistress goes well! We love you tons.


Glad you guys are liking the changes! Love you all too!!


Truly a remarkable site and loving the new changes.

To read such wonderful posts from all over the world is just awesome plus the added bonus of new friends.

Q, we already know you will undertake this role brilliantly but still wishing you all the very best.

Positive energy to all - LOL!xxxxx

Murshidah Said

I LOVE that you wrote PTL is all about LOVE & RESPECT! ;)...Love you Q !


Since joining PTL family I found new friends and found so many people needing a shoulder to cry on or even a pat on the back or just someone to talk too when their lonely. But what really touchs my heart is the "REAL LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP" that radiates from all around the world onto this site!

THANK-YOU Q for helping to keep this site going.
And all the new things being added on here.

much love n friendship Q.


I agree, and I'm so glad you're enjoying PTL!!! Thanks for being a part of the family!

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