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Yeah..nice. I hope he keep his promise this time about "jumping back on PTL"....

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you are the best one---From a little fan loving you forever.

Tavia Dunlop

You are very lucky to b in T.O. Orillia is an hour north and the lakes are beautifull no one round here would probably even recognize u worth a gander

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there once was a man whom seemed to have everything and anything his heart could desire. Every now and then he would sit alone and wonder to himself:Is all of this forever?Am I as loved as I indeed have loved?? Somewhere north an adventure was awaiting,and why? Because he truly had not seen all the World had decided to let his eyes gaze upon. Somewhere out there there is a soul who has known another soul a thousand times before. Even as he sat alone in his hotel room looking down at the busy streets below he knew somewhere that soul still had to exist?The mere thought of meeting could make his heart beat faster and his breathe quicken. Long ago he had given up on and forgotten love at first sight but it had never given up on him and if he went north there it was, idly on the dock listening to music and writing modern sonnets Somewhere unheard of lake Couch for short, Ready or not it was heading that way.....

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Dare reply??? Its just meant to make a person think not put a crack in such true love. Only to make u think about your life and the life of others EVERY LIFE IS A STORY UNTOLD probably remain that way you will never b at couch and youll never see me writing, If I indeed finish my book sooner than later than perhaps youll read it??


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