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Thats Wonderful, but now your hand is all dirty!


This is a beautiful story, and the fact that it is a real one makes it even more beautiful. Love it :) You are so lucky :) Love you!


ohh .. this is a wonderful and beautiful love story !!!=)))
How beautiful it is when the first young love is real! I'm really happy for you Lakish ... you have 2 beautiful boys, I hope they too will find their second halves of this =)))


I also want to share my love story =))) Although I'm still quite young (me 19), I probably am one girl guy ... so I had a long relationship with my favorite (5 years) ... as you clearly, I started with to meet him when I was a baby =))) in 14 years ... at this time can still play with dolls ... haha =))

my story ....

The first time I went to a dance ... my mom let me stay there for up to 12 =) I put on my best dress and makeup for the first time dealt =))) my reflection in the mirror cut me off itself .... and I was sure I must be invited to slow dance!
When I went to the disco ... I'm even a little scared ... all around me were older boys and girls ... I did not even really know how to dance .... but it took some time and I felt a lot of fun and I danced so that the legs did not feel ... haha ....
I felt the view from the back and turned around .... looked at me a beautiful dark-haired guy .... we met eyes and I felt ... something that is impossible to describe ... it was something being like a fusion of all the senses, one in =)))!!!
We stared at each other ... and I caught myself thinking that this is probably the part looks weird ... and continued to dance ...
I was sure that he would invite me to dance .... but alas .. I was invited by his friend ....He never invited me and I was upset .... and his friend wished to carry me home ... I agree ...
After some time I made friends with their company and together we walked .... and every time I wanted to see that only dark-haired guy .... it turned out that he was older than me 6 years !.... and I think it's a lot ... and I'm sure he does not need such a little girl like me.
Still, that saddened me ... it turned out that my best friend liked it before ... and she told me a lot about him ... and I realized that friendship is important ... and at the same time falling in love with him even more. ..
It was certainly not bad enough .... I quarreled with my best friend ... and she could not forgive me, the fact that he is in love with me too ...
Everything is so violently boiled ... all those feelings ...!!!!! I forgot about everything ...
We could not stop looking at each other .... spent a lot of time together =)
And then I find out that it is taken to the army ... I do not want that .... since parting with him was for me a very heavy blow ...
We had to leave for 1,5 years .... he was taken into the army.
It was hard ..... wait .... but I could !!!!!
And so we're happy to have been together for 5 years !!!!! I love it!
I wish you all find love and happiness !!!!=)))
And yet .... love at first sight there !!!=)

P.S. I apologize for any mistakes ... because I'm not good at English.


you are lucky one of them who realy feel get the true love


you are lucky one of them who realy feel get the true love

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