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  marko and maria

Congrats...more love to you both.

Both of you remind me of my husband and myself...you can see that you truly are in love with each other.How did you meet(i know it was on set) but when did the magic start?

Love what you're doing with this site. Have you thought of a tribute page to lost loved ones?


AGH. You and Jenna are what LOVE is. Just wanted to say that! You guys are the cutest ever.

Lindsey Kimura

hello. :) im not sure how this works but i wanted to address this to Channing Tatum. I'm a really big fan of all your work and I'm really excited to see your new movie "The Vow" coming out next year on Valentines Day. All your movies are absolutely amazing and the documentary that you produced was incredibly touching. You're such an extremely down to earth guy and you are so talented. I heard about your website so I just had to join. If you want to check yourself out on my blog i'll attach the link to this post. I also wanted to add that you and Jenna are the most beautiful couple I've ever seen. I hope your marriage is still happier than ever. Much love.

the link to my tumblr account: http://chiemichic.tumblr.com/


Awesome idea and site. Thanks for providing the outlet to post the love!


Jenna, I love your website I piaarcultrly like the top-level menu', which is not boring as is usually the case, but allows one to be delighted and lured into reading more. Well done. From one Libran to another: congratulations on making the world a bit more beautiful with your lovely website!

Becky Henderson

You guys are extremely busy people! I can't imagine how hard it is to keep everything in perspective, but you guys seem to do it and put each other and family first! That is more important than any job or money. My Dad made sure that we (5 of us) knew that family should be your first priority and that family would/should always be there for each other. You two seem to have such a strong bond. I am married now for 13 years and have known and been with my husband for 17, will be 18 in February. He and I have been through so much but now that his kids are grown, we've reached a point of understanding that we are so important to each other...it's looking back on the last 17 years and seeing what we've made it through and accomplished, like his 2 girls. They're on their own and happy, so we are happy in that, too. I pray you two hold on forever to what you have, just as I do with James. I hope nothing for the best for you both and your futures. I know it's a bit personal, and I hope I don't offend you, but do you guys have plans for children? I'm sure you have been asked before and I know it's none of my business, but I think your children would be so beautiful and happy to be born into such a down to earth family. Jenna this is not to offend you but I know you hear it all the time, you must be so proud to have him as yours, but Channing, you are so good looking and talented. I love looking at you and I think what makes you the most attractive is the idea that you haven't let the fame go to your head! Loved Magic Mike, of course, and have loved all of your movies I have seen you in so far. Take care of each other and hold on to what made you fall in love with each other, always. You both are an inspiration. Love to you both! BECKY


Oh how I know that feeling. Then again, as the dankress of this part of the year gets more suffocating every day, I guess the feeling is very common. I moved to another country 2 years ago and to this day I feel like an alien sometimes. At other times I really like it here but again, that's mostly during the summer months. I know that phrase has been used way too many times, but sometimes you have to leave something behind to really appreciate it. That's how I feel after two years of being seperated from the places I used to love, the people I used to call everyday and the mentality that used to bother me so much back then. It'd be easier if one could just move all the beloved people along with the couch and tvtable inside a huge truck. Well I guess that'd be called human trafficking.



Day by day, for so many years, I’ve been asking God; Why haven’t I met my match? The
one who’s is crazy about me, the one who would TRULY love me,
understand me, stand beside me, through good times and bad.
I was that person who didn’t believe in true love,
Who looked down on others and asked…how does that happen?
I remember talking to a little old man, in his 80’s and he told me you see my bride over there? We’ve been married 57 years… and I could see a sparkle in his eye as he looked at her. He said he met his wife and asked her to marry him after the fourth day of them being together. He said he “KNEW” that was her…the ‘ONE”.
And again, another love story, I envied him for having something I could only dream of having… all I could feel was heart ache, anger and loneliness.. only to hope maybe…someday.

Until now, I believe with ALL my heart God has a plan for all of us.
It was simply because I wasn’t ready for a love like this.
I would have never appreciated you, nor did I deserve you.
The man you have become and the woman I’ve become is now ready, for Gods plan.

A true love as Gods promised. We forget that
when He finished the world He put man on earth “Adam“, He knew his work wasn’t done because he was very lonely. So from Adams rib near his heart He gave Adam “Eve” a woman a partner, to love him unconditionally, to stand beside him near his heart where God took his rib… only to remind him like his rib protecting his heart she was to do the same for him, and he for her knowing she is part of his flesh.

Because of this I know I am that woman from you, I feel a part of you with me and without you I am not complete. The bible gives us the definition of what love is…
Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous, and is not easily angered. It does not keep record of wrongs and rejoices in truth, it always protects and always hopes and always trusts,
Love never fails…

Because of this I promise to uphold what God expects of me and look at you the way God looks at us together, as your flesh, your partner, your protector, most of all, As your Loving wife..


Hi, thought I should introduce.... me!

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